Monday, July 25, 2016

 Zealsalon | New Look


I wanted to get my hair dyed in purplish ash but I got no time to go down to the salon to get my hair done. I can't stand my root! (It's so fugly). And also, I kinda sick of having dark hair, but at the same time, scared of the need to maintain the hair color after dyed. Dilemma much!
So, I decided to drop by Guardian and thought of dying it myself. As such, i bought a box of hair dye which is in dark purple(Just to cover up my root). Apparently, I thought one box is enough. But it WASN'T ENOUGH! So i ended up with two different shade of hair color. I'm like - What have i done...

The very next morning, I went straight down to a random hair salon to get it fix by darken my hair again.. 

After much consideration, I've decided to go thru the bleaching process to get a new hair color. Even though, It's really sad that my hair will no longer be smooth and healthy, But in order to achieve the color I want, I have to sacrifice.. Oh Well.. 

 photo IMG_5508_zpsz22by2e2.jpg

Finally, I manage to squeeze out some precious time to get my tresses done! My hairstylist Joy, snipped my hair few itches shorter and had it dyed in Denim Grey. The process was long but worth it! I really really love the color! It's like so much brighter and vibrant! Thank you Joy, for being so patient with me and for the brand new look! I'm more than happy with the result!

 photo IMG_5501_zpsthivdn91.jpg
 photo IMG_5499_zpsfynbqrzg.jpg
 photo IMG_5494_zpsscxpk0pt.jpg  photo IMG_5497_zpsrbmljl8m.jpg  photo IMG_5502_zpsywo3jrl4.jpg

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Venue : 241A Victoria Street, Bugis Village (188030)

Thank you Zealsalon!

Friday, July 22, 2016

Belluxez | Eyelash Extension


Are you sick of having short and pathetic thin lashes? Yes! This is how I feel. My original lashes are short and thin. On a daily basis, I need to use mascara to volume up my lashes. Which wasted so much time...

But now, I got my lashes done at Belluxez. Belluxez is a new beauty salon which import lashes from my favorite country, Korea! Their lashes look so natural and soft! It also saved me a lot of time as I don't need to put on mascara. Just a bit of eyeliner and eyeshadow, i'm good to go!

They are having a promo which cost only @$38 for the everyday look! Remember to quote my name "Chloehmq" to get additional 5% off and 10% off to add on more volume to your lashes. And also do take note, the promo will be valid till end of August!

To book an appointment, you can WA Hestia @ 90564999
Venue : 50 East Coast road (428769)
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Monday, July 4, 2016

The Comb Hair Salon : Hair Dye


I'm finally back with some updates and i'm so sorry for not being active as i've been caught up with my work and studies. Pardon me! So yea, i've finally fork out some time for this.

This is my 3rd visit with The Comb. This time round, i go for Lavender Grey color hair dye and I'm totally in love with it! It's super nice but the one down side is that ash color are hard to maintain. So yeah.. They introduce me to use color control to maintain it. In this way, the color could last up to 1 to 2 months.

Last but not least, I wanna thank my hairstylist, Ryan, for the awesome and professional job done for my tresses!

 photo IMG_3153_zps52f7rnm2.png
 photo IMG_3143_zpss0v29jjd.jpg

Close Up!

 photo IMG_4732_zpshv0nvybl.jpg

 photo IMG_3147_zpsvf2zrez0.jpg

Promotions : $168 perm or rebond and $80 for haircut and color (for guys). If you quote "Chloe" you can enjoy 20% off for any ala carte services (Only valid for senior hairstylist). Do also note that, all their products are used in Loreal and Shiseido brands!

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 Venue: 12 Gemmil Lane (069252)

 Photo's Credited : @Intricked