Monday, July 25, 2016

 Zealsalon | New Look


I wanted to get my hair dyed in purplish ash but I got no time to go down to the salon to get my hair done. I can't stand my root! (It's so fugly). And also, I kinda sick of having dark hair, but at the same time, scared of the need to maintain the hair color after dyed. Dilemma much!
So, I decided to drop by Guardian and thought of dying it myself. As such, i bought a box of hair dye which is in dark purple(Just to cover up my root). Apparently, I thought one box is enough. But it WASN'T ENOUGH! So i ended up with two different shade of hair color. I'm like - What have i done...

The very next morning, I went straight down to a random hair salon to get it fix by darken my hair again.. 

After much consideration, I've decided to go thru the bleaching process to get a new hair color. Even though, It's really sad that my hair will no longer be smooth and healthy, But in order to achieve the color I want, I have to sacrifice.. Oh Well.. 

 photo IMG_5508_zpsz22by2e2.jpg

Finally, I manage to squeeze out some precious time to get my tresses done! My hairstylist Joy, snipped my hair few itches shorter and had it dyed in Denim Grey. The process was long but worth it! I really really love the color! It's like so much brighter and vibrant! Thank you Joy, for being so patient with me and for the brand new look! I'm more than happy with the result!

 photo IMG_5501_zpsthivdn91.jpg
 photo IMG_5499_zpsfynbqrzg.jpg
 photo IMG_5494_zpsscxpk0pt.jpg  photo IMG_5497_zpsrbmljl8m.jpg  photo IMG_5502_zpsywo3jrl4.jpg

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Venue : 241A Victoria Street, Bugis Village (188030)

Thank you Zealsalon!

Friday, July 22, 2016

Belluxez | Eyelash Extension


Are you sick of having short and pathetic thin lashes? Yes! This is how I feel. My original lashes are short and thin. On a daily basis, I need to use mascara to volume up my lashes. Which wasted so much time...

But now, I got my lashes done at Belluxez. Belluxez is a new beauty salon which import lashes from my favorite country, Korea! Their lashes look so natural and soft! It also saved me a lot of time as I don't need to put on mascara. Just a bit of eyeliner and eyeshadow, i'm good to go!

They are having a promo which cost only @$38 for the everyday look! Remember to quote my name "Chloehmq" to get additional 5% off and 10% off to add on more volume to your lashes. And also do take note, the promo will be valid till end of August!

To book an appointment, you can WA Hestia @ 90564999
Venue : 50 East Coast road (428769)
More Details :
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Instagram @Belluxez

Monday, July 4, 2016

The Comb Hair Salon : Hair Dye


I'm finally back with some updates and i'm so sorry for not being active as i've been caught up with my work and studies. Pardon me! So yea, i've finally fork out some time for this.

This is my 3rd visit with The Comb. This time round, i go for Lavender Grey color hair dye and I'm totally in love with it! It's super nice but the one down side is that ash color are hard to maintain. So yeah.. They introduce me to use color control to maintain it. In this way, the color could last up to 1 to 2 months.

Last but not least, I wanna thank my hairstylist, Ryan, for the awesome and professional job done for my tresses!

 photo IMG_3153_zps52f7rnm2.png
 photo IMG_3143_zpss0v29jjd.jpg

Close Up!

 photo IMG_4732_zpshv0nvybl.jpg

 photo IMG_3147_zpsvf2zrez0.jpg

Promotions : $168 perm or rebond and $80 for haircut and color (for guys). If you quote "Chloe" you can enjoy 20% off for any ala carte services (Only valid for senior hairstylist). Do also note that, all their products are used in Loreal and Shiseido brands!

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 +65 64383138 
 Venue: 12 Gemmil Lane (069252)

 Photo's Credited : @Intricked

Monday, May 2, 2016

Body Wellness | Oxygen Infusion Therapy


 photo IMG_3125_zpsiedp35kr.jpg

It's been years since I last facial session, yes, years…  The reason why I don't go for facial is because.. It's really painful. So normally I will take extra care of my skin. But sadly, I have problem with clogged pores and pimples. I tried squeezing it myself but some are really stubborn and I really need expertise for help. I also realized that my freckles is darkening. Damn it.

 photo IMG_2673_zpsl0h80ta3.png

I choose Body Wellness to get my facial done. Body Wellness is one of the largest ladies spa in Singapore which specialized in their signature body massage and face spa. What I like most is that they will go thru consultation andtailor-made program for individual skin.
The consultation take about 15mins. They will ask some questions like what is your main concern and etc. Then they will look at your skin and let you know what need to be treated. So for my skin problem they surfaced was my darker forehead more than my face(U-Zone). And also, I have uneven skin tone. My T-Zone is oily and U-Zone is normal/dry. They recommend me to go for a treatment called Oxygen Infusion Therapy which target on my uneven skin tone, hydrates and glow to my skin.
So first step will be cleansing and follow by their peeling cream, which will help to remove dead skin cells for better absorption. Then they proceeded with face steaming before extraction. (Yes, this is the most scariest part.) I was so afraid that it will hurt damn bad. But surprisingly, it was not that painful. I still remember having a very bad experience the previous time at other spa. It was so painful and  my pimples got worsen. This time round it was perfectly bearable and the process is pretty quick. (Thank god)

 photo IMG_2668_zpspflulp4t.jpg

Moving on with the Cytol cell treatment and oxygen machine to go with. This is also their main treatment for the Oxygen Infusion Therapy and the key benefits of this treatment are :
• Clean and lighten skin
• Increase skin moisture level
• Oxygenize and activate skin
• Improve dull skin complexion
• Develop absorbing effect of the nutrition
The procedure is pretty cool and relaxing! I really like it! (Sorry guys, didn't manage to take any picture)
So the next step will be the collagen spray and it was super cold! For some reason, i couldn't breath properly Because I'm scared to inhale the spray into my nose haha. But overall it's shiok! After which, they massage my face for blood circulation to the skin.
The last step will be the Whitening Collagen Mask which target on my uneven skin tones and freckles. I really really enjoyed the whole procedure and it takes about 75mins. (Which also 75mins of heaven haha!) okay I don't wanna be over exaggerated hehe. But you guys should try it out! You can quote "PR1664" to enjoy the promo below!

$28 Facial with a choice of Rose Dew Whitening Facial or Pore Minimiser Facial (60mins) worth $180.
Limited to the 1st 50 to call and book in at 6737 1577 or 6323 1511 will enjoy the promotion!
 photo 13082765_10207989663891013_5441038674006306833_n_zps6kljnhvt.jpg
Last-but-not-the-least, I wanna thank my beautician Anna Chan for being so nice and gently. Do look for her as she's really good and friendly! So hurry and book your appointment now! 
Winsland House 1
3 Killiney Road, Winsland House 1, #B1-02
Singapore 239519
(5 minutes walk from Somerset
MRT station, Exit A)

Hotline: +65 6737 1577


Heritage Court
60/64 Peck Seah Street Singapore 079323
(3 minutes walk from Tanjong Pagar
MRT Station, Exit A)

Hotline: +65 6323 1511

Friday, April 1, 2016

The Comb Hair Studio

 photo IMG_2062.jpg

This is my second visit with The Comb Hair Salon. Thanks to Ryan for always amaze me with the result. This time round, I finally have the courage to go under some hair damaging of getting the color that I always wanted. "Ash Grey"! Honestly, although the treatment is damaging, but I did not regret bleaching it because the color came out was so nice! I wanted even lighter grey but my hair is too fine to go thru more bleaching. People like me who have really fine hair are kinda unfortunate thou. Anyway, I am pretty satisfied with my hair color now!
 photo IMG_2075.jpg  

Oh wait, when I mentioned "hair damaging" it's not like my hair will be extremely frizzly and dry. But hey, you guys should know hair bleaching is gonna be drying, right? Of course, hair treatment will be needed! 

 photo IMG_2049.jpg  photo IMG_2052.jpg

You can quote me <Chloe> to get 20% ala carte off (valid for senior hair stylist only). Also they are having a promo for guys! $80 for hair and color of scalp treatment! 

Book your appointment now! 
+65 64383138
Located at 12 Gemmil Lane (069252)

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

K's Magic 

 photo IMG_1600.png

Further update on my recent purchase at K's Magic Lens. I guess you guys have already know the brand as it's located at Cineleisure Orchard. You all also know I had a traumatic eye infection due to my contact lens which purchased online/pushcart stalls (Which is not advisable to do so).

Anyhow, I've gotten a new pair of lenses from K's Magic, it's so comfortable and the price are affordable! At $39.90 for 6 months life span! It's like a cost of $6.65 per month! On a side note, we can bring our lenses back to the shop for monthly cleanse! So good and I highly recommend :D

Hot Brown
 photo IMG_1614.jpg  photo IMG_1613.jpg
 photo IMG_1663.jpg
You can check 'em out on their website here!

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Eye Infection

 photo IMG_1001.jpg

Just when you had realized, I had not been active on my social media was because I'm down with a really bad eye infection. I've been wearing lenses almost 10 years and I'd never encounter such a bad infection before.  So I thought I can share with you my experience and also drive awareness on how important to take great care of our eyes.

The lenses that I'm wearing are those from push-cart or online store. I don't find it unsafe because I've been wearing them for so long and some are really comfortable to wear! The only irritation I faced was itchiness or redness to my eyes. Which will be fine the next day.

So initially when i start to feel irritation (i thought it's the usual redness that i get and it will be okay the next day), but the redness was still there and it was very uncomfortable than usual. I stopped wearing my contact lens for a day to give my eyes another day rest and it hope it will get better. As the redness subside a little, so I stubbornly wear the lenses back. Hell ya, it burns my eye i swear. Thats when my eye infection starts to get really bad. I can barely open my eye, it hurt immensely whenever there's light or my phone lighting i also couldn't tolerate it.

Immediately, i went to see a GP and i am given an antibiotic eye drop. The texture of the eye drop is thick and milky, the feeling was  uncomfortable when i dripped on my eye. My eye didn't get any better after 2-3 days. When i take a closer look at my eye, i spotted a white spot on my lower eyeball which freaks me out! I was so nervous that I went straight to see an eye specialist the next day. Walk in.
I took half day leave to visit the eye specialist at TTSH. I was told to do a normal eye check before visiting the doctor. While it was my turn, i was told to do an eye test by scraping some sample on my eye to check what kind of bacteria/infection. Before he start scraping, he also explained to me how's the procedure. The first step that they do is to numb eye. Once my eye is numbed, he will use a needle to scrape some sample on the white spot on my eyeball. I was super scared and reluctant to proceed but to no choice );

My doctor dripped 2 numb drops on my eye and it kinda sting. After awhile, i started to feel a little numb. Then he used a needle to scrape bit by bit on my eyeball. BTH, i don't really feel anything but just a little discomfort. Thanks god it's over!

I was given 2 antibiotic eye drop that I had to drip every 2 hours (which i find a hassle). I am not allowed to wear any lenses for the time being until it fully recovered. I've to come back for a review now and then to ensure my eye is okay.

I am thankful that nothing serious. Although the bacteria test that they do doesn't have any results as the bacteria doesn't grow at all. Well it's okay as my eye is healing day by day. It takes me more than 2 weeks for my eyes to recover. I am still taking antibiotic eye drop as there's still scar on my eyeball. Hopefully it will recover soon!

I had learned my lessons for not taking enough care of my eyes. I wear lenses almost everyday and i wear them for very long hours. Don't be like me! It's really harmful to our eyes. I will advise you guys to let your eyes a rest and try to get your lenses from the optical store instead of purchasing from the push-cart as you do not know whether they are safe to use. I am sure you guys know that certain eye infection will cause blindness. Better be safe than sorry. 

Sorry for the disturbing photo :x 
  photo 12642929_10207249854116231_8839951985169738937_n.jpg
 photo 12654386_10207273494627229_4338327159749370738_n.jpg

Goodnight earthlings. x

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

The Comb Hair Studio


 photo IMG_0492_1.jpg

This gonna be my first posting in 2016! Happy Chinese New Year earthlings! And wishing you all a joyful year ahead!

So firstly,  I got myself a new haircut and new hair color for this Chinese New Year. This time round i'd visited The Comb Hair Studio. The Comb is a Korean hair salon and I know I can definitely safely entrust my tresses to them!

Last Sunday, was my first appointment with them. I am pretty excited because I'm desperately in need a haircut! My hairstylist, Ryan, was from Korea. He is SO HANDSOME *trying to control my breathing*!!! As told by him, he came to Singapore for less than 2 weeks! As such, he might have a hard time communicating with the people here. But not too bad! I should say their service was awesomely good! They provide coffee, tea and juice for their customers, which I find it very generous. What I actually like the most was whatever steps that they do, they will explain to me what they will be doing next *Thumbs up*!.

 photo IMG_0543.jpg  photo IMG_0545.jpg

I've trimmed a few inches shorter this time as my ends was dry and had a new color shade for this Chinese New Year! If you haven't get your hair done yet, you may wanna head over to Comb Hair studio *if you're lucky enough to read this*! You may quote my name <Chloe> to get 20% ala carte price for senior stylist service and do check out their current promotion below! 

 photo IMG_0445.jpg 

 photo IMG_0426.jpg
You may book your appointment now at 64383138 !
12 Gemmil Lane S(069252)